Kind words from our customers


“I am happy to provide an evaluation of Foley Mechanical’s work at my home in Warrenton.  My home is an old stone house  built in 1820 which was restored and expanded in 1935, at which time a steam boiler and radiator system was installed. I searched for several years for someone to replace the boiler, but insisted that it be someone with personal experience with steam boiler heating systems. I had several proposals but none from anyone personally experienced with my type of steam system. The most knowledgeable person I could find, who was familiar with older homes and with steam boiler systems, then recommended Dan Foley.

I interviewed Foley and had him price out a complete replacement of the boiler and water heating system. His price was slightly above other quotes I had received in previous years, but he demonstrated substantial knowledge of what needed to be done.  I then retained him to do the work, involving installation of a commercial sized boiler and hot water heating system.

I am full of praise for his work.  He made corrections in the original piping which for the first time enable heat in all of the many radiators in my home. His team installed the new boiler without any glitches; the piping work was not only excellent, but the appearance was the best piping work I have seen.  I now have heat everywhere.  Foley also provided follow up inspection, checking all aspects of the boiler’s performance as well as the heating system itself.  I am totally happy with the work of Foley Mechanical.  Moreover, I can say that some of my friends out here in the countryside have had bad experiences with work done on steam boilers, and I am happy that I am the satisfied exception among those I know.”

Harald Malmgren, Warrenton VA


“Absolutely, hands down best HVAC people I have ever dealt with. They are honest. They are reliable. They do the job and they get it done right. They are faithful to their customers. They are very knowledgeable.”

CT, Oakton VA


“The work was done perfectly and without the anticipated inconvenience I would have imagined. The men were careful in every area of the operation. I expected to have a great deal of cleaning to do after the fact, but it is not really necessary. The system works beautifully. The first floor, which has been close to unlivable for the eight years I have occupied this house, is warm. I did not think it would be as changed as it now seems to be. I should have done the heating replacement years earlier, but would not have had knowledge of your company … Many thanks for such excellent service.”

AG, Washington DC


“Once again I like to thank Foley Mechanical for coming to our rescue. Brian did a great job at diagnosing the problem(s) with my parent’s boiler. He was both methodical and thorough in his approach, and soon identified and fixed the initial cause of the boiler’s failure to fire (clogged condensate pipe).  The other problem was more challenging and we suspect was caused by the plumbing contractor I had initially hired.  It was very satisfying to observe Brian’s deductive skills at work to identify why the gas kept turning off  — the gas pressure had been changed to a higher setting.  Brian readjusted the gas pressure and now my family has heat and hot water after going without for more than a week.”

AB, Washington DC


“After diagnosing the problem with an existing boiler which was estimated to be over 30 years old, the company recommended replacement. They installed a new Burnham gas boiler and a sensor to monitor outdoor temperature to make the boiler more efficient … The crews were very punctual, asked good questions to make sure things were done as I wanted, and the work seems to be very high quality. The owner, Dan Foley, actually came by at the end of the boiler installation to inspect his crew’s work. Throughout the process, he was very accessible to answer questions and discuss options.”

AB, Alexandria VA


“Outstanding project from start to finish. Dan Foley has assembled an excellent crew. They were professional and courteous throughout the job even though they had to deal with a homeowner constantly looking over their shoulder and asking questions for the duration of the job. They quickly removed the existing boiler and set up a temporary gas line to the hot water heater so we’d have hot water until the new boiler was installed. They stayed on top of the dirt and debris as they went about their business and asked permission each time they had to cut into the drywall. They were almost apologetic about having to do so, but to run the vent and drain lines, there was no way around it. It is obvious the crew takes pride in their work. There’s a lot of work involved with the installation of this type of boiler and the location for every pipe and electrical cable was carefully thought out before being put in place. The crew even used spirit levels to make sure every pipe and wire was perfectly vertical or horizontal. Not doing so obviously wouldn’t impact performance, but just goes to show their attention to detail. It sounds ridiculous, but the boiler is always part of any tour I give of the home. Dan’s communications before, during and after the project were exceptional. His crew leader for my project, Slavko, was thorough and he walked me through the system to make sure I understood how it worked. It’s almost two years later and I am as pleased as the day it was installed. I’ve only had one issue with it since the install and it was related to a ground wire that had worked loose. The technician quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it without charge. While he was here, he provided a courtesy inspection and cleaning. Again, an outstanding company to deal with.”

PK, Arlington VA


“Perfect. They showed up on time (7:30 am which was great as I wasn’t very late to work), diagnosed and fixed in 40 minutes at a very reasonable cost. Professional, punctual, precise. My kind of contractor.”

JB, Lorton VA


“We have an annual contract with them. We only had to pay the cost of the filter. They are very professional and very, very knowledgeable. I would consider them experts even on non-heating and air conditioning things. I have asked them questions and they have pointed me in the right direction or given me good advice. They are very friendly and very punctual. They are good people. The previous owner of our house also used them.”

TL, Vienna VA


“Superior contractor. Very responsive from initial contact through bid through final check-out. Somewhat more expensive than other bids, but I chose Foley based on several neighbors’ recommendations …and great communications from Dan Foley while I deliberated. Team varied in size over four-day schedule, but all were extremely punctual and polite. They worked very hard throughout each day, including dismantling the old boiler in order to get it out of the basement. Great clean-up after the job was done. When there was trouble with the control panel, the technician visited twice on one day to ensure it worked, and Dan called several times to verify.”

AL, Arlington VA


“I first met the owner, Dan Foley in 1993, when he was manager of a branch of a large heating and air conditioning contractor in Northern Virginia. At that time, Dan oversaw the installations of both a new central a/c unit and a new boiler in a home I recently purchased. I was sorry to see him leave that company a few years later, but I stayed with his previous company because I was not sure where Dan had started his own business (he later told me he did not want to actively solicit customers from his previous employer). However, when I decided to upgrade to a new a/c unit, I tracked Dan down on the internet. I asked for estimates from Foley Mechanical and two other companies, and chose Foley because of their clear explanation of my options and my previous experience. I was not disappointed. The preparation and installation was flawless, the crew was one of the most punctual and professional I have dealt with, and the finished product was all I hoped for.”

JH, McLean VA


“We consulted with Dan Foley, the owner of the company, who came to our home and advised us on various options available to replace an aging boiler and radiators damaged by water. A detailed estimate arrived within days of his visit and his crew started work on the requested date of installation. Due to the extent of re-construction to our house the installation had to be performed in stages but throughout the process we were impressed by the level of individual attention, flexibility and professionalism of the owner and his crew. The installation was flawless and the quality of the workmanship is exceptional.”

WS, Vienna VA